Sifang Collective

Sifang Collective

Hotel / China / HBA Dubai / Completed in 2018


Sifang Collective is part of CIPEA, the China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture located in the capital of China’s eastern Jiangsu province, Nanjing and is one of the architectural world’s most highly-anticipated openings. The project is comprised of 22 buildings designed by nearly two dozen of the biggest names in international and Chinese architecture, among them New York architect Steven Holl, dissident artist Ai Wewei, Chinese Pritzker prize winner Wang Shu and UK-based David Adjaye. Most notably, the recreational center within the complex was designed by famed Italian architect, Ettore Sottsass, and his architectural practice, Sottsass Associati. The architect’s enduring legacy is most remembered for his industrial design work, such as the famous Olivetti Valentine Typewriter and the Carlton bookcase. His architecture, like his product design, is instantly recognizable by bold primary colors and prominent geometrical structures. The recreation and culture center lies in a beautiful hill with a gentle slope to the south that extends into the lake. The luxuriant woods and incomparable scenery complement with each other. The center lies slightly in the ridge of the mountain. It contains the social occasion sections including the pub, the reading room and the KTV houses; it is also equipped with sauna rooms and spring massage rooms. The social occasion sections function as the main entry to the building, which has prominent visual effects. The springs for recuperation circle around a large-sized winding corridor; long and circular walls embrace the rooms in different sizes and create an internal garden. The ancient architectural notion that winding corridors should be designed in a space and size that fits human body with the most private surroundings are found here.


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